GRAPPA Sandro Bottega Morbida (700ml)


38% alcohol

Grappa can help digestion, so it is perfect after meals.
It can be drunk cold or even chilled. It is an ingredient
for cocktails and long drinks. It can accompany the
tasting of dark chocolate. It is traditionally used to
correct espresso coffee and, in Veneto and Friuli, to
dilute the last drops of coffee, remaining on the
bottom of the cup



Type: Pinot and Prosecco grappa
Description: The elegant bottle recalls the shape
of a grappa drop at the moment of distillation. The
Sandro Bottega contains a grappa made from two
vines of great personality, whose origin is a mix of
Pinot and Prosecco


Characteristics and production process
The marcs are obtained from two acclaimed varieties:
Pinot and Glera. After discontinuous steam-distillation
inside stills, it is left ageing and improving over a few
months in stainless steel containers. The result is a
grappa of an exceptional quality

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