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With roots in Valpolicella Classica, Masi produces and distributes Amarone and other premium wines inspired by the values of the Venetian territories.

The use of native grapes and autochthonous methods, and the research and experimentation carried out by its Technical Group, make it one of the most famous producers of high-quality Italian wines in the world.

The Masi story began in 1772, when the Boscaini family acquired prestigious vineyards in the small valley called “Vaio dei Masi”, which is the origin of the company’s name. After more than 200 years of passionate winemaking the company is still in family hands, run by the sixth and seventh generations.

A benchmark in the art of producing Amarone at a world level, Masi constantly innovates and passes on its expertise in the Appassimento method, which has been practised since the time of the Ancient Romans.

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MASI Valpolicella Classico “Bonacosta” 2020/ 2021


Organic Fresco di Masi Rosso IGT 2020


Organic Fresco di Masi Bianco IGT 2021


MASI Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese IGT 2019

Masi GrappaOut of stock

Serego Alighieri Masi Grappa Amarone

Masi Grappa MezzanellaOut of stock

Masi Grappa Mezzanella Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

Masi Amarone 2018Out of stock

MASI Amarone Classico Costasera 2018

Masi OsarOut of stock

Masi Osar Rosso del Veronese IGT 2013