Organic wines. Wines can be labelled organic if its grapes are grown in accordance with organic farming principles; grapes are cultivated without the use of any artificial chemical; at the winemaking level, organic techniques are used

Only wines with 100% organic grapes can show EU-Organic-logo. Only the wines with more than 95% organic grapes allowed to use “organic” in its sales description. Wine made with organic grapes and biodynamic wine can have sulfites up to 100 ppm. In comparison, conventional processed wine can have sulfites up to 350 ppm.


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San Marzano NACA Organic Primitivo IGP 2021


Lamura Organic Grillo Sicilia IGT 2021


Colomba Bianca Vitese Nero D’Avola Organic Vegan 2019


Organic Primitivo Varvaglione 2021


Ziobaffa Organic Rosso Toscana 2019


Sensi Campoluce Organic Chianti 2020


Varvaglione 12 E Mezzo Organic Bianco Puglia IGP 2021


Serenello Organic Vegan Prosecco Brut