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Strega Alberti Liqueur is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs , it is unique and unmistakable for its taste, thanks to the exclusive use of natural ingredients.
Its processing starts with the grinding of about 70 herbs and spices, they are being selected from all over the world, and each one of them has unique properties. Among these herbs we find Ceylon cinnamon, Florentine iris, Italian Apennine juniper, Samnite mint, which grows along the riverbanks in the whole region.
The liqueur gets its characteristic yellow colour from the preciousSaffron that is added to the herb distillate.
Strega liqueur is aged in ash barrels over a long period of time to ensure a perfect blending of the different aromas.The resulting distillate is 40% proof and only after the ageing process is the liqueur bottled and distributed all over the world.

The Cocktails
In the warm and welcoming atmosphere of New Orleans, Michael Manganaro at Valentine’s Restaurant serve’s it like this:

Strega Salute
1/3 parts of crème de menthe
1/3 parts Strega liqueur
1/3 parts Grenadine
In a three part glass pour in first the crème de menthe then the other ingredients.

Simple, quick, but guaranteed to be delicious.
In the coldest city of the West Coast, San Francisco, Fred del la Merva of the Scala restaurant mixes this Strega cocktail

Strega La Scala
½ parts of Strega Liqueur
½ parts Brandy
4 parts of cream
1 whole egg
Mix the ingredients in a blender with some crushed ice, serve in a champagne flute, or you can try the Russian version:

6 parts of Vodka
3 parts of Strega
1 part blood orange juice

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