GRAPPA Bottega “Tardiva” 500ml

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Type: 18 months barrell aged Amarone and Recioto Grappa
Description: Grappa Vendemmia Tardiva (Late
Harvest Grappa) is a product distilled with a rare
selection of fermented grape pomace. With a higher
alcohol level it has the same philosophy and the same
sensations as dessert wines.
Origin: Valpolicella (Veneto)

38%  –   500ml

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Organoleptic characteristics
Color and appearance: Amber
Bouquet: Honey, flowers, vanilla
Taste: Intense, full-bodied, persistent Intense
scents of nobel woods
Characteristics and production process
We chose the best Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara
grapes and let them wither in dry rooms, on traditional
wooden racks. Here the grapes gradually lose until 40-
50% of their weight. At the end of the winter the
withered grapes are gently pressed, in order to obtain
soft and juicy marcs. This excellent raw material is
steam distilled in small copper alembics which
preserve its organoleptic characteristics. The whole
process ends with a wise ageing in barrique, that lasts
18 months.



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