Faro is an Italian wine DOC for red wine from the extreme eastern corner of Sicily, created in 1976. Its geographical centre is the city of Messina, the third city of Sicily and the administrative centre of the eponymous province.

Faro Rosso is the only wine permitted, and is made from a trio of grape varieties very traditional in this part of Sicily. Nerello Mascalese must make up 45-60 percent of the blend, with Nerello Cappuccio accounting for 15-30 percent. A dash (5-10 percent) of Nocera is obligatory, while Galioppo, Nero d’Avola and/or Sangiovese can make up a maximum of 15 percent.

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Azienda Agricola Palari Rosso del Soprano 2015


Azienda Agricola Palari Faro DOC 2010