Borgo Paglianetto

Borgo Paglianetto organic winery is located in the heart of the Marche region , in a valley extending between Fabriano and Camerino. Inserted in the production area of the Verdicchio di Matelica Doc, Borgo Paglianetto aims to make quality the essence of its being. The picturesque territory of Matelica preserves history, art and tradition. Grapevines are in fact part of the ancient culture of Matelica.

Born in 2008 Borgo Paglianetto, with its 25 hectares, lies on the hills of Matelica in a closed valley , the so-called Alta Valle dell’ Esino, representing the only case in the Marche region for its unusual North-South orientation, fundamental factor contributing to the creation of that microclimate that allows the cultivation of grapes of the highest quality. Thanks to all these conditions it is possible to obtain a wine with a solid structure but capable, at the same time, of maintaining freshness, depth and balance. The company certifies organic not only the quality of the grapes but also all the processes of wine-making and in the cellar: the constant search for quality in the environment is reflected in the quality of our wine. Every bottle wants to be a unique expression of terroir, exclusively being the result of the nature will and of our endless passion. Every activity is carried out in the full respect of vineyards and terroir: this is the world every bottle is capable of telling.


Borgo Paglianetto style of purity turns out some truly irresistible wines. 

Eric Guido of Vinous, August 2021

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Borgo Paglianetto Petrara Organic Verdicchio di Matelica 2021