Organic Valfaccenda Roero DOCG 2019


Roero Rosso

DOCG – Organic

100% Organic Nebbiolo





Organic Valfaccenda Roero DOCG 2019

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Valfaccenda Rosso is a red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes handled and vinified by Carolina Roggero and Luca Faccenda in Canale, in Roero land. The grapes come from several vineyards based in Canale d’Alba and in Santo Stefano Roero municipality. The mga are Mompellini, Loreto and San Grato. These several vineyards are of different ages and are basically placed on sandy soils with little percentages of clay; the exposures vary from south-west, east and west.

The grapes are harvested at the best state of ripeness depending on each vintage, on the plants and on the exposure. Wine is the union of different fermentation and macerations which last a couple of weeks; the period can change based on the vintage and on its climatic conditions. After the required ageing in casks, the wine is bottled in the waning moon of autumn following the harvest. Finally, after a further rest in the bottle for almost one year, the wine is ready to be sold. In the best vintages, it may boast the mention of “reserve”. Alc. 14%

For us, be winemakers and winegrowers means working the soil, cultivating the vines and fermenting the grapes, obtaining wines that are the liquid translation of our land, vintage and variety. And this is exactly what we can offer you in a glass of Valfaccenda Rosso: our expression of Nebbiolo cultivated on the sandy and steep hills of Roero. The first vintage was in 2010.



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