Liquirizia Silvio Carta


Typology: Liquorice Liquor

Liquorice Liqueur, also called in Italian black soul (anima nera) is an excellent sweet and digestive liqueur with a flavour of black liquorice. If you try it you will love it !!!

Bottle size: 70 cl.
Alcohol content: 23%

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When we talk about 0 km, we normally think of consuming products in the place where they
were produced. Elio Carta think that 0 km should also be applied to the production process.
The transformed product can and should also be consumed beyond territorial borders. It’s a
shame to deprive evaluators from the possibility of tasting this delicious liquor. “Liquirizia”
Silvio Carta” is obtained from plants cultivated on the land surrounding and owned by the
company. It is soaked in the scents that only this island has, the scent that makes “Liquirizia”
Silvio Carta” an exclusive, unique and seductive liquor. It is obtained from infusing carefully
selected liquorice roots in alcohol. As is well-known, liquorice has refreshing and digestive
properties. It can be consumed every moment of the day or after a meal. It is best served iced.

Liquorice liqueur

Jet-black, spicy and enveloping. Liqu is the liquorice liqueur of Sardinia, with a unique and seductive taste. An explosion of sensuality with every sip.

Aspect: black.
Scent: spicy with very intense sensors of liquorice.
Taste: decisive flavour.

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