Limoncello L’ORO DI AMALFI 500ml


Limoncello Oro di Amalfi

Limoncello produced in Amalfi Coast

According to local tradition, a good lunch or dinner must finish with a glass of delicious limoncello. The limoncello is the traditional liqueur distilled from the peel of the Amalfi lemons (PGI Amalfi Coast lemons, also called sfusato amalfitano) produced in all the towns of the Amalfi Coast. It’s a natural liqueur, with special properties, a unique taste, perfumed, obtained by an ancient recipe. Simple to prepare, without added coloring, stabilizing or conserving agents: the simple way and cure to produce it emphasize the originality and the purity, just like much time ago.

The limoncello must be served cold in icy glasses.






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