Delinquent Monferrato Rosso DOC 2018


Monferrato Rosso DOC




Delinquent Monferrato Rosso DOC 2018

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Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo

The word DELINQUENT written in this way is a word in the Piemontese dialect meaning young people who have a hard time respecting the rules. It was also the way my grandparents called me. My grandfather was a very strong man, that when he was sick was still able to find the energy to go out everyday to work in the vineyards. This is what we want, to continue to cultivate by hand with the same respect and hard work that he my grandfather had put into the land and for us to continue with his passion.

Vineyards: practice in the vineyards we work for the future, first the life and health of the vines. When the season has finished and the vines have finished to conserve their carbohydrates for their hibernation, that is when we go to prune. We are using to prune the Metodo Simonit e Sirch ( Poussard-Guyot) in search to give to our vines a long healthy life. With this method the pruning we can maintain a smaller quantity of grapes per vine (more complexity) without too much stress. We are looking to understand the best way to have the vines grow even stronger each coming year. Each plant is treated on a singular basis in base of its strength and health.

Winery: While the stems of Nebbiolo are full of bitter tannin, we have decided to de-stem and gently crush our grapes before putting them into a Roto-Fermenter. Fermentation and maceration take place for around15/20 days at a controlled temperature. This extraction process helps to absorb into the wine the polyphenols at a much faster rate. Each year we will have a different approach based on the characteristics of the vintage. We age our wines in 90% used barriques and tonneau for one year. Small artisan production

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