Prosecco Superiore Col Vetoraz


Organic Prosecco Superiore "Canah" Perlage


Podere Le Ripi Rosso di Montalcino 2012 "Amore e Magia"


Soave Monte Carbonare

Monte Carbonare.square

Agricola Punica "Barrua" 2012


NZ Importer of fine Italian Wines since 1989

Sapori D’Italia Import Ltd is the result of the passion for Italian wines and food of Carlo, Marco and Adriana. We long ago noticed the possibility of enriching the tasting experience of New Zealanders with the addition of the best products sourced from the North and South of Italy.

We are looking for wines that represent the history of the land and the journey of the passionate people behind them. This is the best way to appreciate wines and in particular Italian wines.
Thousands of years of refining food and wine delicacies have marked Italian history and created a world beating variety of tasting experiences inextricably linked to the territory where they belonged.
The are more than 500 listed indigenous grape varieties in Italy and only a small share has a wide distribution and exported.
Our mission is to introduce to NZ the wealth of history and sensory experience linked to Italian wines hoping this will help to strengthen the vinous and gastronomic richness of our customers.

No Minimum Purchase

There is no minimum purchase on the website, we charge  for shipping under 6 bottles, after that it’s free with the following exceptions:
Under 6 bottles: $ 5.99 Per order
Rural Delivery: $ 7.99 Per order
Waikheke Island and other NZ Islands: $12.99 per order

PODERE LE RIPI , a biodynamic winery in the heart of Montalcino

Just landed in NZ

Immagini 044
Costasera 2009 Fr EU 750ml
Riserva di Costasera 2008 Fr EU 750ml
Campofiorin 2010 Fr EU 750ml
Masianco 2013 Fr EU 750ml

Castello Albola - Toscana

Feudo Principe di Butera

Masseria Altemura - Puglia

Castello D'Albola in Chianti